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Great Job replacing my torsion spring

May 10, 2012 by Randal
Garage Doors

garage door repair reviewEasy to get a hold of and very helpful indeed. I want to recommend this fantastic garage door service here in Oakland. They came out and replaced my door spring and realigned my door in quick time at a very reasonable cost.

Best Garage Door Repair in Oakland!

Feb 25, 2012 by Patty
Garage Doors

garage door repair reviewHands down, the best garage door repair service in Oakland. They were helpful on the phone and answered all my questions. It’s always a good sign when they pick the phone up on the first ring, It was apparent they knew how to treat customers from their friendly attitude and their willingness to help me over the phone. Our garage door needed extra attention as it was eighty years old. It is a very unique door and we wanted to keep it original to the house. The doors were suffering from old age and not closing properly, until Garage Doors of Oakland came out and fixed them with custom made hinges. This review is the least I could do to help make a great company stand out.